Toilet Bowl Repair, Replacement or Installation

In today’s modern living, toilet bowls are a commodity item. Every day in Singapore and around the world, toilet bowls are installed or replaced on a daily basis. As the number of housing units such as HDB and Condo Apartments increases, plumbing businesses are anticipated to take on the task of installing or replacing toilet bowls in these units.

In a typical HDB flat, most toilet bowls have a standardized design. As a result, if you have your preferred brand/type, you’ll need to find a plumber on your own who can assist you in installing it. In Singapore, there are several types of toilet bowls available in the market. The common 2 types will be exposed cistern (water tank) and concealed cistern (water tank).

What are Exposed Cisterns?

For Exposed cisterns, there are 3 variations namely Close-coupled/2-piece, 1-piece and Back-to-wall. For Close-coupled/2-piece, the toilet bowl and tank are two separate units, which are coupled together with fittings. 1-piece toilet bowls are those whereby the toilet bowl and tank form one single unit. 1-piece are popular because they are easy to clean. As for Back-to-wall toilet bowls, the back of the toilet bowl is directly attached to the bathroom wall.

What are Concealed Cisterns?

Concealed Cisterns come mainly in 2 variations- Wall-hung and Wall-faced. Wall-hung toilet bowls are those that are suspended above the floor which needs an additional wall frame support in order to be hung securely. Wall-faced toilet bowls on the other hand are mounted against the wall and on the floor.

What to take note of when choosing the type of toilet bowl?

The first consideration will be the space. Close-coupled and 1-piece are the more popular choices for HDB flats since they require less space and are easier to install. The 1-piece toilet bowl is preferred over the close-coupled because it has a more streamlined and elegant appearance and is easier to clean, whilst the Close-couple/2-piece allows you to replace the tank or the toilet bowl individually without having to replace the entire water closet. Wall-hung toilet bowls are an obvious choice for an easy-to-clean bathroom because they have no contact with the floor and no hidden gaps.

Next will be the trap type- S-trap or P-trap. When we refer to a trap, or trapway, we’re referring to the curved device at the bottom of the toilet bowl that directs waste from the toilet into the drainage pipe. It also keeps sewage gases from entering your bathroom.

In Singapore, most HDB flats have a drainage outlet on the floor, hence that is why most HDB owners use S-trap toilet bowls. P-trap toilet bowls, also known as wall-hung toilet bowls, are attached to a drainage outlet on the wall. You can technically have a wall-hung toilet bowl with an S-trap if you install a concealed cistern and find a plumber who is prepared to execute the work. 

To ensure that your new toilet bowl fits into the bathroom, you should also take measurements to calculate the distance from the centre of the drainage outlet on the floor to the wall for S-trap, and for P-trap the distance between the centre of the drainage outlet on the wall and the floor. Measurements are best taken when you remove your existing toilet bowl to expose the drainage outlet.

With rising utility costs in Singapore and for environmental friendliness, it is important to reduce your home’s water consumption. So always choose a toilet bowl with a flushing system that has a higher number of ticks. In Singapore, there is a range of flushing systems, with the basic, single flush being the most common. Dual flush tanks allow you to choose between a full or partial flush, which can save you money on water. 

The typical gravity flush system, which uses water pressure and gravity to draw waste down into the trap, is included in most toilet bowls. There are toilet bowls that come with a pressure-aided flush mechanism if you want a more powerful flush for a more thorough clean without wasting extra water. These toilet bowls use pressurized air (stored in an inner tank within the water tank) to force water out.

Lastly and often being neglected will be the comfort of using and ease of cleaning of the toilet bowl. Do not feel shy to try sitting down on the toilet bowl to see if you are comfortable with its height, size, and shape. If you have knee problems or have older family members at home, consider a higher height. Check to see if the toilet bowl’s shape and dimensions are appropriate. Elongated toilet bowls allow you to sit comfortably while resting your thighs. However if you have a small bathroom, a compact-size toilet bowl would be a better option. When selecting a toilet bowl, ensure that the design is simple to clean. Avoid those that have a lot of nooks and crannies since they can collect dust and filth.

Common problems for toilet bowls are water trickling into the toilet bowl, or “Phantom Flushes”, water trickling into the tank, the toilet bowl empties slowly, leaky seals and choked toilet bowl.


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