Clear Choked Toilet Bowl

A choked toilet bowl can make any Singapore home really inconvenient for its residents especially if you only have one toilet at home. Hence that is why it is critical that you clean and maintain your toilet bowl on a regular basis, as well as take care not to flush any foreign objects into the system. As a rule of thumb, any objects that do not belong in the toilet bowl should not be in it.

What causes toilet bowl to choke?

As you may have guessed it, one of the most common causes for choked toilet bowl is the flushing of foreign objects that should not be flushed down the toilet bowl. For example, many people flush feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, cotton balls, and other paper products down the toilet. Unlike toilet paper, these objects do not dissolve in water thus causing the toilet bowl to choke.

Solid waste accumulation can also cause the toilet bowl to choke. Especially when it is dry and in large amount, it will obstruct the normal flow of subsequent wastes. When the drainage pipe becomes clogged, the toilet bowl will be choked.

Another possible reason is the obstruction from trees and plants when the pipes are laid underground. Due to their natural instinct to seek for water sources, trees and plants may find their way into the pipes. Pipe obstruction by trees or plants is more common among landed property owners in Singapore, compared to those residing in HDB flats or condo.

And lastly, some of you may not be aware that a weak flush can potentially cause a toilet bowl to choke due to its inability to flush solid wastes down. If your toilet bowl tank is old and provides a weak flush, you may want to replace it with a new toilet bowl that provides a much stronger flush so that you don’t have to worry about a toilet bowl choke.

7 DIY tips to clear choked toilet bowls yourself

We understand that sometimes you may want to try clear the choked toilet bowl yourself if the chokage is minor enough. In the event whereby you wish to try to tackle such problems, we have some tips to share with you!

But first, it is important to note that if the water is not flushed out completely after the first flush, do not flush again. This will result in more water being deposited in the toilet bowl, resulting in a water overflow. As a result, it will make the problem worse. Instead, always place paper towels or newspapers on the bathroom floor before you attempt to clear the choked toilet bowl. Even if the water splashes out from the bowl it will not be too difficult for you to clean up afterwards.

Tip# 1: Use a high-quality plunger with heavy-duty rubber. When using the plunger, ensure sure it completely covers the hole. To create suction, push down and lift up sharply 15 to 20 times, or until the toilet bowl choke is being cleared. Before doing this, always put on rubber gloves that cover your entire arm up to your elbow.

Tip# 2: Boil a gallon of water, no hotter than a tea kettle. The water should be drinkable, not boiling hot, because boiling water might damage the porcelain. After the water has been brought to a boil, allow it to cool for a few minutes before pouring the ingredients into the toilet. 1 cup baking powder and 2 cups vinegar are all that’s needed. A fizzy reaction will then occur. After some time has passed, pour the hot water. Pour it from a height rather than from close to the rim. The water pressure will assist you in clearing the toilet bowl choke. Keep in mind that this procedure is only effective for organic clogs. Allow this combination to sit overnight, and the toilet bowl should return to normal condition the next morning.

Tip# 3: One of the most effective methods for unclogging stubborn materials is to use a wire coat hanger. First, unfold the wire coat hanger then straighten it. This procedure is excellent for clogs that are only a few inches from the drain. Then wrap a piece of cloth around the wire and bind it with duct tape at the end. This will prevent the pointed edge of the hanger from scratching your toilet’s porcelain. Insert it into the drain, and when you feel a blockage, push it against it until the drain is clear. Then, with the help of water, flush it out.

Tip# 4: Because plumbing snake has a flexible coil of wire, it is also known as a flexible cleaning tool. It glides effortlessly through the curved drains with little effort. It unclogs drains quickly and simply without damaging or staining the porcelain. As a result, you can use this pipe to clear any clog in your toilet. This will ensure that any chokage in the toilet bowl are cleared without much difficulty. Professional cleaners and plumbers use it as well. One end of the plumbing snake should be inserted into the drain and pushed down, allowing it to reach the chokage. Because of its ease of use, it is one of the preferred tools that many people utilize.

Tip# 5: You may try to use a wet or dry vacuum if you have already used snake and plunger to clean the clog but failed. It differs from typical vacuum cleaners as it can handle water, whilst other vacuum cleaners cannot. You must empty the choked toilet bowl of any remaining water. It must be completely empty of any debris or water in order to vacuum out the obstruction. You can use only the flexible hose without other attachments. Make a coil out of an old towel and wrap it around the hole. A seal will be formed around the drain as a result of this. Apply pressure to the towel with one of your hands to tighten and improve the seal. Then wait a minute for the vacuum to start operating, after which it will suction out the obstruction.

Tip# 6: Using enzyme products is a tried and preferable method that does not cause damage to the drain or pipe. With numerous numbers of enzyme products in the market, you just need to select the best products that will help liquefy the waste materials to clear the choked toilet bowl

Tip# 7: Due to its toxic composition (poisonous to pets and people), Chemical drain cleaners should be your last option to clear choked toilet bowls if the previous 6 methods did not work at all. These cleaners are rather powerful and you can get this at most of the supermarkets or DIY stores. The chemicals in drain cleaners are rather corrosive to the pipes and can damage the surroundings. These chemicals are specifically for toilet use. Purchase only those cleansers that are specifically designed for this purpose, as other cleansers may damage the porcelain. First and foremost, carefully read the directions on how to use it, and then use it as directed. Ensure that you flush out the drain with water after using it.


When none of these 7 tips work, or if you would like to let a plumber to clear the choked toilet bowl for you, contact Plumbing Hub via WhatsApp or call us at +65 8126 2092 to schedule an appointment right away. You can count on us to deliver professional and reliable service with quality workmanship.