FAQ: How long is the warranty period for repair and replacement work carried out by Plumbing Hub Express plumbers?

  • For residential repair and replacement plumbing work, there is a 3-months warranty period.
  • For commercial repair works, there is a 9-months warranty period.
  • As for the products used, the warranty period would depend on manufacturers.

FAQ: How do I initiate a repair service with Plumbing Hub?

FAQ: How long do I need to wait after confirming a repair service?

  • Under normal non-peak period, our response time will vary between 1-2 hours upon confirmation of the job.
  • However, under emergency situation, our plumbers will try to attend to you as soon as we can.

FAQ: How do we charge?

All jobs consist of

  1. Service fee. The fee for our plumbers to go down to your place to assess the problem. The cost for this service fee varies from $10-$30 depending on the time taken.
  2. Material cost and labor cost. This is the cost of replacing any faulty plumbing accessories or equipment.