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Our Friendly plumber was featured in ZABao for a story on second generation plumber.

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Our plumber on Channel 8 职业交换生! Watch the episode on Toggle!

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Present an invoice of the same job done by another company and we will match their price and throw in another 10% discount to that.

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Are you in need of plumbing services? We can offer that. Plumbing plays a role in running of a company or at home. Imagine if the sewage has stopped working, if the pipe of water has burst, or if water drainage has blocked. All these need highly experienced plumbers to fix them.


In our company, we understand the value of plumbing services and we are, therefore, prepared to offer you satisfaction on those services. We are experienced in offering plumbing services in Singapore since our inception in 1984 — that is more than 30 years in these services. You are, therefore, guaranteed of high quality installation and repair services.

At PlumbingHub, we offer a wide range of services. We specialize in leakage and choke problems. For example, if your water pipe has burst or your toilet bowl choke, we can clear that chokage or remedy the leakage in the shortest time with our professional tools. Our services carry 90 days warranty for all jobs.


Some plumbing services may be needed on an emergency basis. PlumbingHub plumbers offer a 24/7 service even on public holidays. Emergency services are done at anytime. Our endeavour is to give you a quick response within one hour.

Plumbing Problems

Drain Choke

A common problem in the toilet. This is usually caused by a accumulation of soap residues, hair and dirt. Over time, this accumulation will form a ball and starts to impede water flow. This might cause the water to back flow whenever you are bathing and the filthy water will starts to flow out.

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Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipe is often caused by wear and tear over the years. Usually, it can be solve easily by yourself. Check out our common plumbing problems page. The joints and the pipe itself. It is often caused by wear and tear over the years and the water pressure could have caused the joints to be loose.

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Toilet bowl choke

Choked toilet bowls is a common occurrence in our house. It is usually caused by a built-up of foreign objects such as tissues, hair or even large objects like a toilet bowl brush head. his can happens when hair, toilet paper or large objects get stuck inside the toilet bowl.

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